The Cusack Chronicles: Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Considering this is technically the last movie of the series until Shanghai (2010) comes available to watch, it seems anti-climactic to end on a movie like this.  I will say that it is not in the top ten worst Cusack films, but it is probably in the lower half of his career.  There are several elements to this film that are quite humorous, but where the movie could have amped up the comedy more, they, instead, settled for cheap laughs and raunchy sexual humor (and it wasn’t even funny raunchy sexual humor!).  I get the feeling, like The Contract, this was a favor film to Steve Pink for John Cusack.  Considering what his career had achieved at this point, there was no legitimate reason for Cusack to make this movie unless he was doing it for a friend. 

Although, impressively enough, they were able to get the ever kooky Crispin Glover to play the one-armed bellboy which admittedly made up at least half of the funny material in the movie.  I think part of the reason why this movie did not really work in the end was because I truly detest Rob Cordry and I really do not know how he is getting as many TV and movie roles as he does.  Plus I constantly get him and David Koechner mixed up, because they look similar and neither one of them is even remotely funny.  The other actors, including Craig Robinson, did decent jobs.  If this movie had taken itself more seriously and fired the script writers to get new ones, then it might have had a chance at being a nice retro throwback to the 80s with modern style comedy.  However it did neither.

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