The Cusack Chronicles: 2012 (2009)

When I first heard about this film, I was thinking, “Great, another disaster film with little to no storyline and based on some thinly veiled scientific explanation.  Not gonna see it.”  Then I saw the preview and there was John Cusack driving a limousine (reprising his role in Identity?) down a crumbling road, weaving around falling buildings, it was at that point that I realized that I had been suckered in to going to see this film.  This was mainly for the simple fact of seeing John Cusack playing lead male in a summer blockbuster film.  If you had asked me if Cusack would have ever taken a script for a summer blockbuster, I would have told you no.  He is just too eccentric to simplistic summer blockbuster male leads.  However, I was once again proven wrong and to my surprise he makes a formidable blockbuster star.  I can’t say that about 2012, though. 

From the same guy that directed The Day After Tomorrow (which I found to be surprisingly entertaining), this apocalyptic tale about the end of the Mayan calendar has a lot of possibility but it ends up killing itself with its own pretension.  All of the character interactions could have been intriguing, but instead the writers went for cliches instead of realistic dialogue.  The scientific explanations are laughable at best and ultimately leave the film impotent in making any kind of serious point.  The highlight of the film, however, revolved around Cusack’s and Harrelson’s characters who were by far the most interesting and even they were tamer than they should have been.  That being said, there is nothing better than seeing Cusack crawl out of a crack in a landing strip in order to run towards a moving plane while the ground is crumbling behind him.  Great scene, made the movie worth watching right there!

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