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The Threshingfloor

2012: The End of the World…Week 12

Wovenhand - The Threshingfloor

I think this album was a good follow-up to Ten Stones, because, in one sense, it returns to the ways of the old albums (in that it is less accessible), but, in another sense, it takes the best of the last album and perfects it (the wonderful melodies, simpler song structures).  Is it a better album than the last one? Depends on how you look at it.  The last one was great for the pure visceral thrill of seeing Wovenhand just let go and rock out.  However, this one has graceful melodies (much akin to their first couple of albums) and then allows them to build.  “His Rest” and “Singing Grass” are the best examples of this laid back approach to creating beautifully, atmospheric melodies.  This is just a beautiful album altogether.  However, it still doesn’t come close to the scale of some of the earlier albums.  And I am not quite sure why that is the case.

"The Threshingfloor," "A Holy Measure," "Truth," and "Denver City" grab hold of the propulsion and intensity that Wovenhand has gotten to on several occasions, but there seems to be a more laid-back approach to arriving to those points.  Anyone who has paid attention to their music from the first album can definitely see how this album came to be at the time it did.  It fits within the trajectory of the band, but its still not the best.  On top of that, "Denver City" just seems extremely out of place on this album.  I never minded listening to it (matter of fact, I love that song), but in the scheme of the whole album it is hard to get past the idea that it was simply an afterthought.  The atmosphere, music, and feeling of the record is completely shifted on that last song and, really, without any good reason.  I think ultimately that was truly distracting to me in the end.

Apocalyptic Rating: 2 out of 10 (It was a mere flesh wound)

Wovenhand Album Rankings

1. S/T

2. Consider The Birds

3. Blush Music

4. Ten Stones

5. The Threshingfloor

6. Puur

7. Mosaic

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Denver City by Wovenhand

Admittedly, this song feels a little out of place with the whole of the album, however it is just so damn good that I really didn’t care that it was the odd man out.  It sounds as if they needed one more song for the album and just decided to get together and have fun writing and playing together and this was the result.  It makes you happy at the end of every listen, I guarantee you.

Wovenhand live performing “The Threshingfloor”

A Holy Measure by Wovenhand

Directed largely by a joyful sounding percussive beat, the song surrounds the listener in hints of Eastern musical influences.  Edwards’ has, in my opinion, become more comfortable with his voice and how it melds with the music over the years and this song is a good example.  The acoustic elements rival anything that would be found on the newer wave of folk music (The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford & Sons) and, yet, Wovenhand’s music is still largely unknown in America.  It’s a crying shame.

His Rest by Wovenhand

Just a beautiful melody overall and the simplicity of the lyrics add to the rather flowing nature of the song.  This is a song that would accompany a nice day in a hammock in the Springtime.