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New Mumford & Sons video!

Check it out if you haven’t.  No, seriously.  I didn’t even particularly like this album, but I think this is probably their greatest music video to date.

Damn it! Why have you not clicked on the video yet!  SERIOUSLY! Geeeeez…

Propaganda doing his thing.

Music video for “Redefine Cutter” off Excellent (2012)

Here’s a little gem with James Brown and Leaders of the New School.  

"Can’t Get Any Harder" (1993)

You’re welcome.

Music video for Viarosa’s “The Last Resolve”

Music video for Propaganda’s “Excellent”

Music video for Sons of Perdition’s “Psalm 138”

Daily Halloween Donut

Easily one of the creepiest music videos of all time.  Leave it to Chris Cornell to be “that guy.”

"Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden

Daily Halloween Donut

Not the biggest Aphex Twin fan, but this video for “Come to Daddy” is appropriately creepy in all the right ways and the song, considering their catalog, is probably one of the better ones. 

Daily Halloween Donut

Creepy little music video of “Sheena is a Parasite” from The Horrors.  Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton taking on the task of the parasitic Sheena.

A zombified TBATB in their music video for the song “Lullaby.”

Weird little music video for the song “Golden and Green” by The Builders and The Butchers.

O’Death music video for “Black Dress.”  Gotta love the creepy masks.

Music video for O’Death’s “Bugs.”

The music video for O’Death’s “Low Tide.”

"Down to Rest" Music Video from O’Death.

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